Tripping Fantastic
A homeschooling vagabond urban family
This blog concerns the adventures of a family of six: Mama (that’s me), Poppa (Mr. Fantastic), Fiercely, Cleverly, and twins Really and Truly Fantastic. Not our real names, but at times quite descriptive. We live in a major East Coast city and we travel fairly often, both near and far. When I looked back over the past few years and realized how much traveling we had done, I wanted to write about it to remember our trips, to give other people ideas of how and where to go, and also throw in some homeschool projects and my own personal interests. I wrote a zine for several years but have felt it difficult to keep up, and while I resisted the blog option for years I am now seeing the benefits of blogging. Here we go!
update: in late August 2015, we started a year-long RTW trip. I occasionally blogged about our planning process (RTW planning category on original  trippingfantastic site menu) for a year or two before we left. The whole thing is a dream come true and a challenge and an honor and an unorganized mess at times! Welcome aboard!


One thought on “About

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