Thanksgiving, bikes and dim sum and veggie turkey, 2017

Thanksgiving! Or, as I like to think of it, The Best Day to Bike in Philly! There is an early morning parade, finished way before noon depending where you stand to watch, and biking is the best way to get there for us. And the biking is fantastic. It’s usually a cold, sunny, dry day and there is almost no traffic. 

The kids have gotten better at biking and our destination is clear. Once we reach the Art Museum, which is the end of the parade route, we can bike towards the start of the route and stop anywhere we like. Too crowded? We move on. Marching band performance? We can stop and watch. 
We met Mr. Fantastic’s brother and family and went to Chinatown, the best place to hang out on holidays because everything is open for business. The 10 of us had an amazing dinner, then went our separate ways to cook and eat a second, more traditional dinner. Well, if you consider tofurkey traditional, since we are all mostly vegetarian. 

This year as we arrived at the parade The Wheelmen caught my eye. They are the local representatives of the national organization for antique bike enthusiasts. One of them (that guy on the far right above) made my day by allowing me to get up on the Ordinary, also known as the Penny Farthing, also known as That Old Bicycle With The Giant Front Wheel And Tiny Rear Wheel.  I was thrilled beyond belief! I was also creating a giant bruise on my inner thigh, which I would notice later, from the act of hoisting myself up on that strange vehicle. Worth it.

The cousins were happy, the Chinatown restaurant was superb, and the day was lovely.

We walked back past stunning City Hall, the tallest masonry building in the world yeah Philly!! There is a craft market this time of year and even a carousel. Here is a tile and a fish spout detail, the view of the tree from inside the plaza, and the central plaza.

 Then we went home and cooked and ate, just us fantastic six. Each of us cooked something!


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