Columbus, Ohio August 2017

Columbus, Ohio is the state capital and home of Ohio State University.  I went to OSU and I have friends in Columbus. We used to go hiking and camping and canoeing and all when I lived there and it was so much fun. It had been too long, so we got together. We met a few minutes drive from downtown at the sweet home of S (photo above is her garden) near Highbanks metro park that runs next to the Olentangy river. I went running  in that park after my drive to Columbus and I saw deer, many birds, and the Olentangy, which is designated a State Scenic River. I was amazed by the metro park infrastructure, just as I am when I go to northeast Ohio where my parents live. Ohio really has a lot of natural beauty and preserved lands- they have even reintroduced bison at a Columbus area park! And everything is so close to the city. 

We went canoeing and kayaking on the Big Darby Creek. We used excellent kayaks from Olentangy Paddle, run by the wonderful Lisa, who is a part of the Columbus crowd I love. Thank you!! The Big Darby Creek has, I believe, 17 miles of protected riverway and I can tell you it was sublimely beautiful that day. 

The next day we went hiking at Shale Hollow Park. Beautiful! And there are concretions! These strange rock spheres were all over the place at Shale Hollow. 

There was a nice education center on the 200-ish acre preserve, and paths that took us through the small ravine with a lovely creek next to shale walls, and out into a meadow full of wildflowers.

It was a beautiful weekend full of memories and catching up and re-living our 20’s, which just don’t seem that long ago. I enjoyed getting to know rivers and fields and creeks and hills in Ohio with this amazing group of people back in the day and it was just as much fun exploring again. I don’t plan to wait so long until next time to return to Ohio and my friends!

 A couple more shots of S’s back yard. The path bricks are from historic Ohio brick kilns!


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