Ohio and general goings-on, November/December 2016

Life is moving along and sometimes it seems as though we never left. We jumped right back into things around here and even took a trip to Ohio to see the grandparents. November brought Thanksgiving and the parade downtown:

We saw the parade and later had a spectacular feast with friends. The next day, I made the familiar trip to Ohio. Fiercely is sixteen now and soon will probably be busy with other things and unable to go, so I thought about that as I drove. Also, I will be at a new job and will not be able to take time off for a few months. So we took advantage of the five days we had and off we went. We had a rental car that was smaller than what we were used to, but otherwise the seven-hour drive was typical. It was strange to rent a car and go without tuktuks, taxis, trains, or busses. I tried to appreciate the US highway system, but I wish we could go by train instead. I especially miss those trains in India with the chai and snack sellers coming down the aisle as the countryside passed by our window. We don’t own a car so I notice acutely the lack of public transportation almost every day. Luckily, autumn was very mild and we have bikes. We have been biking quite a bit around our city. Here is a view from the bridge near our house and a newish bike/walkway over the river is visible on the right:

Giant swing outside the train station:

As for Ohio, we did enjoy visiting Ohio and my parents. The twins, my mom and I went to beautiful Penitentiary Glen and saw the resident animals that were rescued and rehabilitated there. 

The twins wanted to take a photo on the butterfly bench again like we had taken there years ago:

Also, we went through the walk-through board game about the seasons and local wildlife. It is geared towards younger kids, but fun anyway, even if you’re 10:

The autumn for us also means our homeschool play, usually a musical panto. This year was different and the chosen show was The Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett, a sort of mideival sci-fi story with references to Shakespeare. The kids practiced outside at city parks and performed in a small theater downtown. Fiercely, below right was one of the three witches:

Cleverly, right, speaking with Death, was the ghost of King Varence:

And there are the twins as peasants speaking with a witch:

And now we have an actual Christmas tree instead of the green mosquito net we used as a tree in Bangkok last year! It’s quite lovely in our house, which is itself nicer than previously due to less clutter and repairs/new paint we (well, mostly Mr. Fantastic) did for the tenants before we left. 

So deck the halls, y’all. It’s kind of a weird Xmas for us, familiar but we skipped all this for a year so it’s oddly novel, too. I’m probably the one having the hardest time adjusting to being here and I’ve always had some issues with the big holiday anyway, so pardon my less-than-jolly self. I’m working on a couple of other posts about post-trip thoughts and adjusting to post-travel life. Thanks for reading!


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