What now? Transition, October 2016

I just can’t bring by myself to throw these out. Maybe if I post a photo…

I love these pants and backpack. I got them both secondhand at thrift stores before we left- the backpack years before-but they lasted the whole trip. Kind of. The zipper doesn’t work right on the backpack and I sewed a patch on the hole in the pants. A second hole gapes on the other knee now and I’m not sure if I will patch it.

 I loved this trip. I loved looking forward to it- it got me through hard times when I planned for it over many years. I loved living it- the places we saw and the things we did and being with my family in new adventures. And now I love remembering it. Also, I am sad that it is over. But life goes on and there have been wonderful moments.

We planned our return to be on time for my sister-in-law’s wedding. It turned out to be a little road trip and a hotel stay just two weeks after we landed. It felt a little like we were still on the road. Our whole family took part.

The girls were thrilled to be bridesmaids and flower girls. They wore outfits made by the bride and her friends. I wore the sari given to me in Jaipur. It was a gorgeous wedding on a beautiful autumn day near a river in New Jersey. 

Speaking of beautiful fall happenings, we went apple picking one lovely day. They were the best apples I’ve ever had!

We have been up to the cabin in upstate New York a few times. It is in remarkably good shape considering no one had been there for over a year. Autumn is spectacular up there. I love autumn. I didn’t take many photos, though. Another trip we took was just DH and I on bikes to a local wetlands. I took pictures there because I thought I would take pictures if we were far away visiting a wetlands.

I tried to cheer myself after watching a debate where Trump called Hillary a nasty woman. A lot of people reclaimed the term after his comment and I got positive feedback as I biked around the city that day.

The next thing we looked forward to was Halloween. Fiercely made the twins costumes to recreate an old photo found in the book Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. She and Mr Fantastic did not dress up this year. Cleverly (in sunglasses next to the twins below) was part of a trio from a YouTube video with her friends who were a pineapple and an apple. It’s kind of a funny video. I was a joker card. Our neighborhood has an epic Halloween night and we were happy to join in after missing it last year.

So, I miss being out of the country and traveling. It is often tedious and unpleasant to deal with our horrible finances, practical necessities like getting a job and a phone number, we don’t have a car or health insurance, and going back to mundane life is not so much fun. The rest of my family is ecstatic to be back among familiar places and people. I am a little disgruntled since my start date at the new job has been pushed back awaiting beaurocratic gears to turn.  Everyone keeps telling me to write a book so I joined NaNoWriMo even though it is geared towards novels. I’m up over 10,000 words but it is far from a book. So I ponder the trip, time marches on, and I look forward to the next trip in whatever form and whenever that may be!


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