Ireland, August 2016 part 3

We had arranged to stay at a rural house on a horse farm about an hour from Cork. We got a bit lost and locals helped us find first the hilly, curvy country road and then the correct driveway. As we pulled in, we saw the owner, B, and soon her gloriously beautiful property with amazing views of hilly countryside. We settled into the 300-year-old stone building where we would be staying. Downstairs was a nice kitchen and a large 4-bed bedroom, perfect for the four kids. Up a spiral staircase was a large living room, two bedrooms, large bathroom, and wood stove. We could look out dormer windows onto the property. There were books and cozy armchairs everywhere. We absolutely loved it here! We went walking with B and picked many blackberries for ourselves and for the horses who followed us everywhere.

It was magical, having these muscular thoroughbreds following us like puppies and eating blackberries from our hands. We were all entranced. B explained that these are polo horses, which need a gentle temperament in their work, and have recently finished the training season, so they may miss the contact with people. We just couldn’t get over how sweet and curious they were, despite their large size and clearly defined muscles. We spent a lot of time out there, even without B which attests to the lovely nature of these horses. Back at the cottage, we had a great dinner on the porch with small metal fireplace burning for warmth and for toasting marshmallows. We had a salad from B’s garden, and cooked blackberries and apples with ice cream for dessert.

We had very cozy nights in the big cottage. Stables, also stone and 300 years old, attached to our cottage. Pics and notes from those days:

30 August

Everyone in my bed in the morning. I have a double bed with a skylight in room. We were all cozy then had breakfast then went out picking blackberries again in the field with the horses again. Misty, sometimes a fine drizzle, Douglas the chubby black lab joined us again but Thompson the little dog did not. Horses again are so curious and friendly and nice to be around. Cut, defined muscles and short soft hair. At one point they run to the gate because one there whinnies to them so we get to see them run.

This is the kids’ new favorite place, everyone is so happy. Me too! It is beautiful here and we feel like we have a little clubhouse. Drove to beach, cool and cloudy some drizzle.

Thatched roof houses, we even saw a new housing development with thatched roofs. ‘Copper coast drive’ along south coast, Pacific Ocean, rocky cliffs, twins swam, then back to cottage, dinner and hanging out with horses and the big beautiful changing sky.

Getting far behind on posts- posting this now 🙂



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