Random notes on Myanmar 

Here are some notes and photos I couldn’t fit on trippingfantastic.wordpress.com due to data limits.

My last photos of Bago, a day trip I took on my own from Yangon. Bago really was amazing, all the history of the ruins of Bagan, but the temples are in the middle of a city and are still in use.


Mandalay-market and Eindwyn temple near our hotel: 

Female monks begging alms in the morning: 


Puppet show at fancy restaurant on the river in Mandalay:

Stag temple on a hill outside of Mandalay: 

The gold pounding district and marble carving district in Mandalay: 

Photos from our ill-fated motorbike tour (bike was stolen while parked at a temple): 

Mini replica of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda:

 Gold leaf being placed on Buddha statue:  

Temple where the bike was stolen: 

Some notes on Myanmar:

Kissing to get your attention- people do this for waiters, friends, anywhere

Calendar with weeks going vertically instead of horizontally 

Give/receive things with right hand, left hand touches right elbow. This is done bc left hand is used for toileting and generally considered dirty.


2 thoughts on “Random notes on Myanmar 

  1. It’s striking how colorful everything has been on your trip–much more so than the bland west (or Northeast, anyway). Is everything colorful, or do you select the colorful things to photograph and leave the bland out?


    • Thailand, Myanmar and India are undeniably colorful. You’d have to work to take a bland picture. China, Laos, and Cambodia may be less so, I may have looked for color there. Overall I would say there are temples and flowers everywhere in these places and people dress in unlikely combinations for the US, which makes for interesting pictures.


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